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Taylor Swift reviewed Selenas album

Selena Gomez says her new album got the seal of approval from pal Taylor Swift before the record hit shelves.

Selena, 17, and her band The Scene released their first album Kiss & Tell in the US last year — but the Wizards Of Waverly Place star was keen for Love Story singer Swift to hear the record before anyone else.

“[Taylor] listened to my whole album before it was out,” she said. “I definitely appreciated her feedback, she loved it.”

“She’s very talented and she’s just as amazing a person as her music.”

Selena recently revealed she likes shopping and fashion.

“I love fashion, I love clothes,” she said. “I don’t really go out of my way to try and find someone that I want to look exactly like.”

“I just love putting pieces together, so I think it’s just another way to express yourself and it’s really fun for me”

“Plus I’m a girl, so of course I love shopping.”